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Stop burning physical art in an attempt to manipulate your NFT sale. Please and thank you.

173 days ago

@jayemkayem Straight up

225 days ago

Yo I know this dude. Bad with the dad jokes.

235 days ago

Announcing The @CannabisAmnesty Town Hall on Racial Justice! Join us on Oct 15, 2020 at 3PM as we discuss how racia…

368 days ago

Inspired by our boundary-pushing, parent-company @twenty2b we’ve launched a new project: LOCAL CRAFTS - a mini docu…

385 days ago

Mayor John Tory: An initiative to end gun and gang related violence in Toronto via @CdnChange

478 days ago

I struggle to fathom why those who spread disinformation do so without any remorse. But I think in their own narrat…

513 days ago

Wait, who's in charge of what now? Steve Carell, welcome to Space Force. May 29th.

530 days ago

Interesting. Hopefully this is true, as I'm not sure how else to get over everyone's privacy concerns to actually…

552 days ago

About to toss this on and get lost in the make someshit sauce. ❤ @jayemkayem

567 days ago