TOQi Tactical Hoodie

The TOQi Tactical hoodie wasn’t designed for just anyone. That may seem like a strange thing to say, but when the idea for our latest project began to percolate, the emphasis was never on mass distribution. To be honest, we weren’t particularly interested in making just another hoodie, nor did we have any interest in developing branded merch that would be temporarily loved but quickly discarded into the graveyard of forgotten garments at the back of your closet.

Instead, the conception of TOQi’s latest project could be best described as a creative passion project, and more specifically, a tribute to creators, and the city of Toronto at large. We set out to create a piece of clothing that was as comfortable as it was tactical – one that had wardrobe tenure (think: capsule collection status) stitched into its very fabric. We wanted to make something that would earn the approval of any streetwear aficionado, with a painstaking commitment to finer details and indulgent design.

So, we made the TOQi Tactical Hoodie – limited, but coveted. Made with purpose, and distributed with intent. The first of its kind, but surely not the last.


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