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@uncle_playboi @mytoqi Did what? Make some AI vapes and bongs? Not the first. Not the last. Share the link so we can chat on em!

6 days ago

@TwoStoned 510 cart holder fam. You need one.

19 days ago

Where cannabis and tech collide. 🔥 Drew Henson and @will_lucas chop it up on an all new episode of @BTGMPodcast! Th…

27 days ago

Henson, on his #motivation for founding TOQi, “I saw an opportunity to bring my expertise in #productdesign and en…

39 days ago

Welcome to the era of corporate AI wars.

53 days ago

Bob Ross inspiring the @KindlingTO podcast this morning with Drew from @twenty2b

54 days ago

It would be really nice if targeted ads stopped targeting you after you actually bought the thing.

100 days ago What I wish I played at the @mytoqi Annual.

142 days ago

Just gonna leave this one here. Using glue to protest oil is like using a gun to protest mass shootings.

154 days ago

@mytoqi Teleporter. OR ray gun, but my money is on teleporter.

156 days ago