Air Today Gone Tomorrow

Will the air we breathe today become the commodity of tomorrow?

Using 22 Airinum breathing masks and algorithmic design, we visualize air pollution data from 22 cities around the world.  We generated 22 unique designs based on the air pollution data pulled from that city.

The Monocrane silhouette size was determined by the Air Quality Index (AQI), the Monocrane line weight dispersion was determined by the levels of Ozone (O₃) and Carbon Monoxide (CO).  The background noise pattern was created in relationship to PM2.5 and PM10 particulate data.  This particulate data was then silkscreened in thermochromic ink, giving the visual transformation of ‘cleaning the mask’ when in use.

The Toronto mask, photographed by William Selviz around Toronto, was on display in partnership with Kronenburg and Airinum.

Although we are free to fortunate to freely walk outside and breathe fresh air, that may soon change in the city of Toronto and many other places in Canada.

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